Last Update: November 6, 2008

Date of Birth 

December 17

Famous People I Have Met

Mini Biography

    Born in Puerto Rico. Felix Plaza Jr. spent his life perfecting his art skills from the age of 6. His love for the realms of Fantasy and Sci-Fi has inspired him to create some beautiful masterpieces and expand his imagination. 

   Playing RPG (Role-Playing Games) games further expanded his imagination and started to create one masterpiece after another.

   Felix started PLAZA Studios back in 1990. He expanded to the World Wide Web at the beginning of the new millennium (July, 2000) to share is artworks and models with the world. Not to say the least, Felix's artworks are a vision to be held. By 2002, he temporally closed down the website.   

   In 2003, Felix expanded into the realms of building plastic models. He started with building 1/350 scale battleships of World War 2. After building the five Flag Ships of World War 2, he moved into building 1/48 scale World War 2 Planes, that later lead him to start building 1/48 Modern Jets. He further expanded to add 1/35 scale World War 2 and Modern Armor.

   At this point, Felix started to learn how to not only build the tanks but also to weather them to look like the actual tanks. With lots of research and fellow model building friends, Felix have come a long way but still has some to improve. Next step… Airbrushing!!

   In October of 2005, Felix became a member of the Knights of Columbus 3rd Degree.

   In October of 2006, Felix re-opened his website with a more modern look then the original. He calls it Phase I, of his dream. He has created a Virtual Museum of Military Plastic Models online. Felix not only builds these models, but also studies the History of each particular Tank, Plane, Ship, or Jet. Phase II will be to actually build an physical Military Museum of Plastic Models.  

   On July 2007, Felix created the The Mustang Knights Auto Club. 

   On September 2008, Felix created the East Coast Muscle Car Club.



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